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I am Rachael Gilley Wilson, founder of Mindful Being Arts & Healing, and a Maine licensed Art Teacher.  

I grew up in West Gardiner, Maine, where I spent most of my time outside in the woods, making & listening to music, and making art. Throughout my childhood, into adulthood, these interests have prevailed and have helped shape my life. My professions of choice, since I was a child, were to be a teacher and an artist. I enjoy any and all areas of art, specifically ceramics, sculpture and printmaking. I have a passion for learning and helping others, and love seeing joy in someone's face. I believe that life is about balance, finding the things that keep you happy, following dreams, exploring nature and not limiting oneself.

 Over the years, I have been working on continuity with focuses on inspiration from nature, as well as incorporating personal emotion and inner situations. A poetic sense of placement or communication between elements appeal to me in my art. It is through my art making and reflection where I have tuned into my intuitive abilities and followed the calling for healing energy. 

My art has been displayed in several gallery exhibits, and I am a member of the National Art Education Association. I am a graduate from the University of Southern Maine; Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art Education with concentrations in sculpture and ceramics. I have a Secondary Teacher Certificate through the Maine Department of Education with a K-12 620 Visual Arts Endorsement. I am an Art Teacher at Manchester Elementary school for grades K-5.

Learn. Heal. Create.


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.