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Standard 9: Assessment.

The teacher understands and uses a variety of informal and formal assessment strategies (both formative and summative) to evaluate and support the development of the learner.


  • Communicates clear expectations and provides descriptive feedback to students
  • Encourages student goal-setting and self-reflection during informal and formal assessment
  • Accurately documents, interprets, and reports assessment results to students, parents, colleagues and the community
  • Uses a variety of informal and formal assessments that provide valid evidence of student’s performance of learning goals (objectives, outcomes) and standards
  • Interprets assessment results to adjust instruction, and enhance student progress and confidence
  • Supports students’ performance in district and state assessment programs


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Daily Assignment Board

One of the many things I learned at Edward Little was to have a daily assignment board. Not only does it help students understand what is going on and to be expected of them that day, and with the current project, but it helps teachers to stay on track as well.

Pop Art Self-Portrait Assessment/Expectation

What I have come to learn while teaching art in an elementray school, was that the majority of students did not realize they were being graded. At one point in particular, I told the students in one class (where none of them realized they were graded in art) that things such as effort, quality work, and attitude in the art room are all parts of being graded, as well as completing certain parts of the projects. For the unit I created with 5th grade, Pop Art Self-Portraits, I had created a hand out to put at each table as they worked. I think this was something new for them, but I feel that it was a good addition to the classroom.

VPA Meeting

Within my first week of student teaching at Great Falls Elementary, I attended a visual/performance arts meeting for the Gorham district. Each teacher was to bring in examples of student work and assessment tools to make sure all of the teachers were on the same page, as they are leaning towards being all standards based. It was helpful as an incoming student teacher, to see all the grade levels mode of assessment and types of projects that are happening. The biggest thing I took away was to make sure to keep things clear and transparent for students to understand what is being asked of them.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.