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Standard 5: Professionalism and collaboration.

The teacher demonstrates ethical and legal professional behavior within school and community and works collaboratively with colleagues, parents, and community members to improve conditions of learning for all students and adults.


  • Recognizes the teacher’s role as a moral steward and a model for students
  • Demonstrates knowledge of social issues, professional organizations, and advocacy activities that promote appropriate programs for students and families
  • Maintains a professional demeanor (e.g., arrives on time and is prepared for responsibilities, dresses appropriately)
  • Complies with school policies regarding health, safety, sexual harassment, and abuse issues
  • Adheres to a code of ethics that demonstrates an understanding of the laws that govern student rights and teacher responsibilities
  • Honors confidentiality
  • Readily listens to and communicates with parents
  • Consults with other school professionals concerning a student’s learning or health when appropriate
  • Collaborates and consults with an open mind with colleagues, specialists and support staff to ensure student learning 
  • Develops partnerships with parents and guardians in support of student’ learning and well-being.
  • Participates regularly in school and community events
  • Seeks resources in the community to enhance student learning
  • Participates as an active, contributing member to work teams and committees

Personal Artifacts: (To view artifact, click on title-words in red are links)

Internship at Many Moons Psychotherapy

For 8 weeks in April and May, I have been interning at Many Moons, within the group therapy sessions. I work with children from 2nd-9th grade. Being welcomed into this environment where these children explore and share themselves, I am taught that confidentiality is not something to be taken lightly. I help run this program with the owner, Stephanie and a colleague of mine, Jenna.

I interned in five different sessions, and learn something new each time, whether it be a new management technique, project, or something within myself reflected by these children. Collaborating with Stephanie and Jenna have proven to be well worth while, and when the children open up and explore the projects, while sharing a bit about themselves, make me realize how powerful and nurturing art really is.

Internship at The Long Barn Educational Initiative at Broadturn Farm

During April vacation, I was fortunate enough to intern and run a program with Megan Dunn at The Long Barn. Collaborating on ideas prior to the start of camp, Megan and I felt confident that this April vacation camp was going to run great. Each day we gathered in a circle to sing songs, play games and talk about the day ahead of us. Each day included collecting chicken eggs, feeding the baby calf, exploring nature, and either an art or cooking project! I was able to document a good amount of the week via digital photographs, and share them with parents. This was the first instance in where I had to write a document to share with parents of children whom I had just worked with. This artifact was the result that followed.

Continuity in Context

April of 2012, five of my advanced ceramic classmates, and myself, put together an art exhibit with the help of our professor, David. The theme was continuity in context, where we could showcase our art in relation to how it is all connected to each other, despite the medium used. It was my first instance in putting on a show and having a closing reception with my art colleagues. During the reception, the pressure of presenting oneself in a respectable manor as an artist was exercised that evening, and the show was a success!

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.