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Standard 4: Technology.


The teacher understands the social, ethical and legal issues associated with the use of technology and tools of the discipline, and uses technology and tools to support teaching practice and student learning.


  • Readily uses email and other online means to communicate
  • Explains the rationale for the selection of technologies and tools based on student goals, needs and talents
  • Uses computer technology to create appropriate learning materials
  • Uses and engages students in the use of a repertoire of current and emerging technologies (traditional art materials and tools as well as computers), including assistive technology, based on research and best practices
  • Ensures equitable access and safe use of technology resources for students
  • Evaluates and adjusts strategies for using technology and tools based on student performance
  • Uses electronic means to record and report student data
  • Articulates school policies regarding the use of technology and tools

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Melissa Noack Yarmouth High School

During a visit to Yarmouth High School, Melissa Noack invited the Art Ed class from USM into her art room. Melissa is very tech savvy, and has the mindset to connect and improve on the technological aspect of an art classroom, while keeping her students involved. Melissa has a respectable online presence, including her ning website. During this visit we spoke, via Skype, to a colleague of hers that is teaching in Asia. They have also let their students converse this way, which they were very excited about. Melissa embraces the fact that students love technology, and it is a great way t keep them engaged, while still paying much attention to traditional aspects of art making, as well. Creating digital portfolios and documenting online is an important aspect to art making now, as the means of preserving and sharing are a great attribute as such. I left with some quotes said by Melissa, "Start with just one thing! Small steps." "Be open and transparent in your practice, have confidence and share!"


Arts Assessment Initiative - Mega-regional Workshop at USM

Danette Kerrigan taught Assessment, A Self Help Program for the Art Teacher. She introduced a program, Bento, to us and how she uses it for keeping track of student work and assessing. She said she no longer does "mask" grading, and grades per person, actually based on their work without having to get out all the work and spread it all over the floor. She teaches Visual Art at Sacopee Valley Middle School, MSAD 55. Danette has her students, within the last few minutes of class, take pictures of their work on her computer. Within Bento, one can set up each class, and within each class have each student have a 'box' with their name, once they click on it, a prompt comes up to take their picture, and stores it into Bento. She can then upload the pictures to Google Drive to then send the link to parents to share student work!

Casco Bay with Smudge Studio

In October of 2012, a select few USM art ed and art studio majors were able to work along side Smudge Studio to create works for an exhibit (based on our reaction to the waves) created from a Casco Bay Mailboat Tour. Before the boat ride, Jamie and Liz from Smudge Studio, came to speak to our class about collaboration and embracing the swerve. A very intellectual conversation based on the idea of living in a contemporary moment; being open to the swerve (whatever that m ay be) instead of trying to stay on the same path while resisting the swerve. The idea behind the Casco Bay boat excursion was for the group to create art that was reflective of the experience. I chose to use a Gopro camera and take a digital approach to the situation. Come time to pack up and get in the boat, I realize I had no tripod to fit the camera, only a headstrap to be worn. At first I thought that this would be a disaster, as it was not as I had envisioned. But alas, the discussion from the previous encounter with Smudge Studio rang loud in my ears, and I embraced the swerve and wore the headstrap and camera. What resulted was almost 3 hours worth of still shots from my encounter with the boat and the people aboard. I compiled the images into a youtube video to share during the gallery exhibit(images of) via a link and QR code.

High School Assessment

While interning at Edward Little High School, I was introduced to the grading procedure. At EL, all attendance, grading, seating charts, school schedules, medical notes, etc, are online for instant access for teachers, students, and parents. Powerschool is used for every student, and paper report cards are no longer sent home. I found the program very user friendly, and became very confident in my ability to navigate the system. For each class, you can pull up the seating chart to take attendance. Every assignment was listed for each class, with the points possible for each. As soon as a teacher saves progress, a student is able to log on and see how they are doing. I find this to be a very innovative and well maintained way for students, parents, and teachers to keep up to date and on track with the assignments to be done.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.