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Standard 2: Knowledge of subject matter and inquiry.

The teacher understands the framework and standards of the subject matter she/he teaches.  She/he uses the discipline’s tools of inquiry, central concepts, and internal structure, and makes interdisciplinary connections to promote learners’ inquiry.


  • Assesses learners’ prior knowledge and modifies instruction accordingly
  • Demonstrates a mastery of accurate content knowledge across art forms required in USM’s BFA-AE program, visual culture, and art history
  • Engages learners as investigators in activities that highlight key concepts in content area(s)
  • Continues to learn subject matter in an ongoing way
  • Creates own artwork during the student teaching year
  • Models and encourages students’ application of the discipline’s tools of inquiry (creating artworks, researching art and art education, viewing artworks, critiquing artworks, etc.)
  • Assesses learners’ prior knowledge and modifies instruction
  • Presents content and concepts through multiple representations
  • Draws on multiple resources to plan lessons and engage students in learning concepts
  • Creates learning experiences that integrate knowledge of different disciplines with art

Personal Artifacts: (To view artifact, click on title-words in red are links)

Art Education BFA Exhibit

In April of this year, 5 BFA colleagues and myself set up an art exhibit to showcase our most recent works at Isaac Dyer Gallery. It was a success, as we had three 2-D artists, and three 3-D artists. We had two rooms to plan out with our art, and in order to make it work, we had to work together. It was, at times, difficult for me to muster up the energy to create my own work, as I was unable to spend time in any studio space while student teaching. However, this show was great motivation for me to create and be re-inspired by past projects of mine. I reinvented two pieces that were inspired by previously made art, which were the birds and wire installation. It was rewarding to have the capability to rework the idea and have them at the exhibit. View images of the show here.

Pop Art Experiment Lesson

One of my favorite lessons that I have taught within the past year is in the Pop Art Self-Portrait unit. The students were continuously engaged as they investigated and experimented with different mediums on various types of paper. One student would experiment with one medium on all paper types, and would relay the information back to me on whether it was a success or not. Guidelines were if you could see the image underneath, if it would smudge, if it would ever dry, etc. It was very fun, while still getting the students to learn and be engaged in the lesson in a low pressure setting. View unit here.

High School Service Project

During my assistantship at Edward Little High School, my mentor suggested I create a classroom model to use as an example during the clay vessel unit. Clay is my medium of choice, but in order to showcase a valuable model for her classroom, I had to grow my techniques and familiar forms.

Elementary School Service Project

During my time at Great Falls Elementary, I worked on two service projects. The first was organizing substitute lessons, using my own judgement on which ones stay and which ones go. The second project I did, I used my good detective and technological skills to help my mentor find a school or organization to receive money raised through "shells for the New Jersey shore".

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.