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Volunteering within the community has become a very significant part of my education. Only recently, have I begun teaching art as part of my community involvement. The work I have done and am doing in the greater Portland area is greatly fulfilling and has taught me a lot about the community and furthered my passion for teaching.


University of Southern Maine Community of Arts

I took on the position for the Community of Arts Floor, and set a goal of covering all of the walls in bulletin boards and posters. I wanted to make sure that my floor was a place all my residents felt comfortable and were able to participate in a variety of of ways whether that be through events or visuals. I used my art as a way of transferring important messages and lessons to those passing by. The artwork on the walls created an active atmosphere and exhibited my awareness of popular culture. My experience as an RA was a challenge, and one that taught me leadership and responsibility. 


Riverton Boys and Girls Club

Volunteering at the Riverton Boys and Girls Club has expanded my understanding of being a middle school teacher. Being assertive and confident while teaching the students is crucial for successful outcomes. The club has challenged my teaching management while feeding my passion for diverse learning. Building relationships with the children at the Boys and Girls Club prepared me for working with ELL students. 


Side X Side

I have partnered with Side X Side multiple times and it has been extremely fulfilling. The art integrated opportunities that they have developed and spread throughout the greater Portland area schools have provided me with a diverse teaching and learning experience. Each of the programs that I have interned at have challenged my creativity and communication. As a whole, working with Side X Side has opened my eyes to the relationship between community artist's and public schools. 


Oak Street Studios

Over summer 2015, I had the opportunity to work at Oak Street Studios, an organization that offers summer and afterschool art programs to kids from toddlers to teens. The summer camps ran one week long and we were able to teach the kids an incredible amount along with producing exquisite works of art. The medias ranged from sewing our own stuffed animals to creating films about aliens in Portland! This opportunity lead me to teaching Art Start during the school year. 

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.