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Standard 9: Assessment. The teacher understands and uses a variety of informal and formal assessment strategies (both formative and summative) to evaluate and support the development of the learner.



  • Communicates clear expectations and provides descriptive feedback to students 
  • Encourages student goal-setting and self-reflection during informal and formal assessment 
  • Accurately documents, interprets, and reports assessment results to students, parents, colleagues and the community 
  • Uses a variety of informal and formal assessments that provide valid evidence of student’s performance of learning goals (objectives, outcomes) and standards 
  • Interprets assessment results to adjust instruction, and enhance student progress and confidence 
  • Supports students’ performance in district and state assessment programs
Music Mapping Exit Ticket: As a part of my Music Mapping lesson I had the students complete an "exit ticket" before the end of class to assess for understanding in the lesson.
Disappearing Squares Pre-Paint Assessment: For my high school lesson plan, Disappearing Squares, I required that students complete a "pre-paint assessment" once they had sketched their plan and gotten to the point where they were ready to paint. They first took a photo of their project using their iPads and then uploaded that photo to
the Notability iPad app. The assessments were then emailed directly to me via Notability.
Power School: During my high school internship I completed all of my assessment and grading through the software, Power School. This included daily participation grades as well as self-assessment activities and final project grades. 
DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.