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Standard 6: Positive classroom environment. The teacher creates a democratic learning environment that encourages positive social interaction, active engagement in learning, student responsibility, and self-motivation.



  • Creates a comfortable, well-organized physical environment with clear academic and behavioral expectations
  • Works with students individually and as a group to manage their own behaviors and assume responsibility for their own learning
  • Implements positive classroom management techniques for establishing structures, routines, and procedures, gaining attention, and facilitating transitions.
  • Uses time effectively
  • Creates an environment in which students work both cooperatively and independently
  • Establishes a classroom climate of openness, caring, mutual respect, and inquiry
  • Facilitates student choice and decision-making
  • Engages students in service to classroom, school and community
Classroom Management Philosophy: Creating a positive classroom environment is vital to students' creativity and comfort in taking risks and trying new things. My management philosophy outlines my beliefs on how I create an atmosphere in the classroom conducive to problem solving, risk taking and exploration through art. 
Disappearing Squares Critique: For my high school Disappearing Squares lesson, I developed a new critique lesson that got all students discussing and engaging in one anothers artwork. Each student was required to answer one question about a piece of artwork on the board. The artwork discussed, as well as the question asked were picked at random and served as discussion starters. Some examples of discussion starters were "If you had to give this piece a title, what would it be?" or "If I could ask the artist one question, I would ask…"
Elementary Exit Tickets: At the end of many of my elementary art lessons I included "exit tickets" which were used for a variety of reasons. Often I would use them as a means of assessing understanding from my lesson, but I also used them to reinforce positive behaviors and the three core beliefs of Morse Street School: Be safe, Be respectful, Be responsible. 
DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.