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Standard 4: TechnologyThe teacher understands the social, ethical and legal issues associated with the use of technology and tools of the discipline, and uses technology and tools to support teaching practice and student learning.



  • Readily uses email and other online means to communicate
  • Explains the rationale for the selection of technologies and tools based on student goals, needs and talents
  • Uses computer technology to create appropriate learning materials
  • Uses and engages students in the use of a repertoire of current and emerging technologies (traditional art materials and tools as well as computers), including assistive technology, based on research and best practices
  • Ensures equitable access and safe use of technology resources for students
  • Evaluates and adjusts strategies for using technology and tools based on student performance
  • Uses electronic means to record and report student data
  • Articulates school policies regarding the use of technology and tools



Disappearing Squares Pre-Paint Assessment: For my high school lesson plan, Disappearing Squares, I required that students complete a "pre-paint assessment" once they had sketched their plan and gotten to the point where they were ready to paint. They first took a photo of their project using their iPads and then uploaded that photo to the Notability iPad app. The assessments were then emailed directly to me via Notability. 


Photoshop Tutorials: As a way to give back to my high school student teaching mentor, I created a series of Photoshop tutorials to be used by Photo 1 students in years to come. I taught each of these Photoshop skills in class and wanted to record the techniques and on-screen demonstrations so that students could reference them outside of class. 


Google Presentations: Almost every art lesson I've taught has incorporated an image-based presentation or slideshow meant to inspire my students' creativity. Recently, I have used Google Slides as the platform for my presentation due to their ease of access from any computer with internet.


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.