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Standard 2: Knowledge of subject matter and inquiry. The teacher understands the framework and standards of the subject matter she/he teaches. She/he uses the discipline’s tools of inquiry, central concepts, and internal structure, and makes interdisciplinary connections to promote learners’ inquiry.



  • Assesses learners’ prior knowledge and modifies instruction accordingly 
  • Demonstrates a mastery of accurate content knowledge across art forms required in USM’s BFA-AE program, visual culture, and art history 
  • Engages learners as investigators in activities that highlight key concepts in content area(s) 
  • Continues to learn subject matter in an ongoing way 
  • Creates own artwork during the student teaching year 
  • Models and encourages students’ application of the discipline’s tools of inquiry (creating artworks, researching art and art education, viewing artworks, critiquing artworks, etc.) 
  • Assesses learners’ prior knowledge and modifies instruction 
  • Presents content and concepts through multiple representations 
  • Draws on multiple resources to plan lessons and engage students in learning concepts 
  • Creates learning experiences that integrate knowledge of different disciplines with art



Bachelor of Fine Arts Exhibition: Spring of 2014, my artwork was displayed in the USM BFA Exhibition. I chose a series of black and white digital photography prints to represent the culmination of my studio art career at the University of Southern Maine. 


Promotional Bob Marley Concert Posters: During my High School art education internship, I was asked by the senior parent committee to create a promotional poster for a fundraising event. The school was hosting stand up comedian, Bob Marley to raise money for a senior trip. I have an extensive background in digital art and photoshop, so I was happy to create the promotional poster as well as pre-sale flyers for the fundraiser. 


Bard Coffee: My favorite personal artistic outlet is fine art photography and I have displayed my work many times at various establishments in Portland, Maine. The business that I most frequently show work and sell artwork through is Bard Coffee. 

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.