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Hello and welcome! My name is Kelly Foley. I was born and raised in Portland, Maine and love living here! 


Becoming an art teacher has always been a dream of mine. Art has been part of my life for as long as it was even possible


I grew up with a teacher as a father and I'd like to think some of his teaching skills wore off on me. He taught 7th grade English until he passed away in 2008. I was following his footsteps to becoming a teacher before he passed but it wasn't until after that I realized the tremendous impact he had on his students. To this day, two scholarships in his name are given to students each year and a granite bench remains outside of the school he taught at. 


Art education requires one to be both an artist and a teacher. Art has always played a strong role in my life but teaching is a new element and is where most of my passion lies right now. Knowing that I get to share my lessons with children has tapped into a deeper level of creativity and has helped guide my work in a new direction. It’s exciting to know I get to share my work with students who look to me for guidance and knowledge.


Other interests of mine include: my dog, running and yoga.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.