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Diane Knott

Coordinator of Gifted and Talented Program

Gorham School Dept.

106 Weeks Rd., Gorham, ME 04038


RE: Letter of Reference for DaraLyn McColl


March 31, 2018


To Whom It May Concern,


It is my pleasure to write this letter of reference for DaraLyn McColl and to recommend

her for an Art teaching position. I first met Ms. McColl when she was a parent volunteer

on the Gorham Arts Alliance Committee assisting with website design and activity

planning. More recently, I've had the privilege to work with her in my role as

Coordinator of SAIL, Gorham:s-Gifted and Talented Program. She was my educational

assistant, supporting student GT learning plans for two years with an emphasis on visual

arts. She is currently an Alternative Educational assistant at Village School and

frequently applies SAIL differentiation strategies in that position.

As DaraLyn's supervisor, I appreciated her ability to establish a supportive learning

environment for her students where they felt respected and valued. She demonstrated the

importance of building relationships with students to respond to their needs and

encourage academic growth. Her passion for visual arts, promoting creativity, and

embedding graphic design is evident in her interactions with students, staff, and

community, as shown in many examples of student art projects and site-based student

publications or newspapers.


It has been my pleasure to encourage DaraLyn to pursue her goal to become an art

teacher knowing her strengths align well with teaching students in the 21st century. She

has a natural ability to support students in art and to prepare them with the skills they will

need to be successful in their future.


I continue to be impressed with DaraLyn's initiative to develop her content knowledge

and refine her pedagogy. She has actively pursued professional development experiences

to apply visual arts and learning strategies through content integration and graphic

design. In addition, I have come to appreciate DaraLyn as a valued colleague through

our experiences working together. She is dependable and brings positive energy to her

interactions with both students and adults. Please call me at 207-222-1376 if you have

any questions about this reference.




Diane Knott

Coordinator of Gifted and Talented Program

Gorham School Department


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.