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Knowledge of Art

The teacher understands the framework and standards of the subject matter she teaches. She uses the discipline's tools of inquiry, central concepts and internal structure, and makes interdisciplinary connections to promote learners' inquiry.


  • Assesses learners' prior knowledge and modifies instruction accordingly
  • Demonstrates a mastery of accurate content knowledge across art forms required in USM's BFA-AE program, visual culture and art history
  • Engages learners as investigators in activities that highlight key concepts in content areas(s)
  • Continues to learn subject matter in an ongoing way
  • Creates own artwork during the student teacher year
  • Models and encourages students' application of the discipline's tools of inquiry (creating artworks, researching art and art education, viewing artworks, critiquing artworks)
  • Assesses learners' prior knowledge and modifies instruction
  • Presents content and concepts through multiple representations
  • Draws on multiple resources to plan lessons and engage students in learning concepts
  • Creates learning experiences that integrate knowledge of different disciplines with art


Praxis II Art: Content Knowledge / 2013

Art Education BFA Exhibition / April 2013 / Issac Dyer Gallery

I presented my artwork at the Issac Dyer Gallery along side Rachael Gilley, Christina Williams, Collin Zarnoch, Jenna Larochelle and Hilary Tobin. I was able to experience the development and set-up of an art showing with my fellow colleagues, and learned various methods of showing work and collaborating.

Origami Jumping Frog Lesson Plan / Internship: Alfred / Line

Elementary School with 2nd & 3rd grade students / 2013

For this lesson I integrated science, music and foreign language to engage my students in learning about the Japanese Culture. I taught my class how to pronouce the Japanese characters and sang the song to familiarize the tune - they repeated the song along with me. They learned an origami technique to create their own Jumping Frogs and created an environment for their frogs to live on.



DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.