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Professional Development

The teacher is above all a learner who reflects on and evaluates choices and actions, and continually strives to improve practice.


  • Actively seeks out and participates in professional development activities and articulates and applies what is learned.
  • Actively seeks and acts upon feedback from colleagues and students
  • Continually reflects upon, inquires about and employs new teaching practices.
  • Honestly assesses her own knowledge and abilities and acts upon that assessment by setting goals.
  • Demonstrates competence through multiple sources of evidence
  • Engages productively in collegial discussions about educational issues.
Maine Arts Assessment Initative (MAAI) Mega-Regional Workshop / March 2013 / USM Portland

Maine Arts Education Association (MAEA) Spring Conference / April 2013 / UMaine

MAEA and USM Spring Conference / April 2011 / USM Art Department
DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.