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The USM ArtLab


ArtLab is an after school arts program, created and taught by USM art education students. The USM ArtLab teaches k-12 students about the various worlds of art.


In ArtLab we explore a diversity of visual art process and medium, such as; ceramics, painting, printmaking, sculpture and 3D design, drawing, photography and digital media. Additionally, students will learn about art history, art criticism, aesthetics, writing artist statements and reflecting on their work.


The USM ArtLab happens in the USM Art Department, which means all k-12 students have an experience to observe the work of our talented Art Faculty, as well as make art alongside USM art students.


The ArtLab sessions always end with a public exhibit of all the student work that was created.


The USM ArtLab is truely a unique and special art experience for all!

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