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Day 1



Please organize your portfolios in chronological order in a way that makes sense according to the best presentation of the assignments and critiques. I will collect the portfolios next Monday, March 9th. 


Slide Talk Unity and Variety  


Critique - Name Design Due Monday, March 9th typed and mounted.  


Introduce value scales and gouache. 


HOMEWORK: Take a trip to the library or go on line and choose a good color reproduction of a Renaissance painting that shows a range of values transitioning from dark to light. It should have a full value gradation from white (highlight) to black (shadow). Try to find a reproduction that is close to 8 1/2” x 11”.  Paintings that have linear edges as opposed to painterly brushstrokes work well for this project. You can also print an image from the Internet as long as you can make a good color reproduction.  You must have a GOOD color copy of the reproduction. Due Wednesday, March 4th. Be sure to bring paints, brushes and pallettes on Wednesday! 


Day 2

Look at Rennaissance reproductions and discuss assignment 07, Value Reduction and Conversion. 


Work on black and white value scale. 



DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.