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Monday, January 26




Discussion of QR Codes

* Surface: The pattern makes a blocky surface texture, which may contrast with the background pattern or texture in scale or in character (geometric vs. organic for example). 

* Space: Is the composition spatious feeling or is it tight and contained? Does overlapping create a feeling of space?

* Time: What time period does the QR code suggest? 

* Assess print quality. 

* Assess composition. Does the composition feel dynamic? Balanced? Does it seem busy or crowded? Does all of the space seem well utilized?  

Pick the most "creative" composition. 


Discuss the steps of the creative process: 

(1) Identify the question - In what way can a QR code be made creative?

(2) Research - Research patterns and how QR codes are generated

(3) Saturation - Enough looking at patterns

(4) Gestation - Think about it. 

(5) Illumination - Ah hah! 

(6) Making - Arrange the code on the pattern. 

(7) Testing or Criticism - Critique of whether or not the pattern embellishes or detracts from the QR. Testing the QR to see if it reads. 


Video: Timo Toots - See Examples


Assignment 04: Stippling Cracker


Wednesday, January 28th: 

Studio Time - Work on Assignment 04



DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.