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Wednesday, January 21




Go over materials. 


Art Presentation BOOK - 11" x 14" content size 

Bristol Board Vellum finish 11” x 14" 1 pad

Scissors - 7" 

Compass - 12" diameter 

Princeton 9116 Brush Set

Holbien or other brand gouache – 15ML

BlackHolbien or other brand gouache – 40ML White

2 Drawing Pencils – an HB and a 2B

15" metal ruler

Small X-acto Knife with blade(s)

Palette for Gouache (Round, white plastic with mixing areas is preferred)

Double Stick Tape – One Roll

Glue Stick

9" x 12" sketchbook

1 Black Flair Marker - fine point

1 Black Pentel Pen – medium point

Pencil Sharpener with cover (Staedtler brand works well)

Self-healing cutting board for cutting up small piece of paper with X-acto knife


Cracker Aesthetics Exercise: Break into groups of 4 or 5 people. CRACKER AESTHETICS.pdf




Work on mounting the design exercise. Go over how to measure and how to use studio tack. 

Cut out QR Code. Experiment with placing the code on the pattern. See if it reads when scanned. Does the code work well visually with the pattern? 


Show some examples of creative QR codes.


Mount the QR and give it a decorative border or get creative with it. Center your designs on the page. See examples.


Goals of Assignments 01 and 02: 

To reflect upon ones own motivations, aspirations and aesthetic views and to communicate these to others using images and text; to experiment with creating QR codes, which use high contrast positive & negative shapes to create a visual pattern that can be decoded using a cell phone; to become sensitive to resolution issues and print quality; to think about image processing and the various effects that can be achieved by photomechanical processes.  


Video: Timo Toots 


Mounted QR due on Monday, January 26th. There will be a critique first thing.


For Monday. Bring in a whole cracker! 



DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.