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Monday, January 12th:


URL for Instructor’s site



SUPPLIES: Please pick up a design kit prepared especially for this class at the Art Mart, 517 Congress Street, Portland by Wednesday, January 21rst; the cost of the kit is $95. The instructor will e-mail you with the exact cost before Wednesday, January 14th. No substitutions please.


Visit Home Page of Electronic Portfolio


Go over syllabus/schedule 


Assignment 01


Assignment: Biography and Design Example (Due Thursday)


Use time today to get supplies or work on biography and finding design. Check out computer lab downstairs.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.

Wed, January 14th: 


Please check your university e-mail a couple of times per week.


Cost of Design Kit is $95. Pick up on Tuesday 01/20 or Wednesday morning 01/21. 


Assignment 01:

Biography - Part a

Pair off into groups of two.

                 3 minutes: Listen to partner talk about herself/himself – oral biography

                  NOTE: The listener really listens, doesn’t talk

                3 minutes: Switch roles.

                  Each person takes several minutes to introduce his or her partner to the

                  class. Highlight what stood out in the listening session.

Biographies are collected. 


Discussion of Design Analysis - Part c

Discussion of Design Examples - Part b


Assignment 02:

Discussion of Biography - Part a

Discussion of QR - Part b

Demonstration of QR Generator


Do a search for Creative QRs.






Due Wednesday: printed QR (4 inches); printed black and white pattern; good black and white photocopy of design example; one-page analysis of design, typed - single spaced - Helvetica typeface



DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.