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RESPONSE: Constructing Identity (by Traci Molloy, USM Artist-in-Residence)


Describe the exhibition as if you are explaining (what it is, who did it, where it is being presented and what it is about) to someone who hasn’t seen it. Please use your own words. Do not simply grab descriptions from gallery panels, although these can be used to inform your description.


Please discuss something from the gallery talk that helped illuminate your understanding of the works in the show.


Select one work of art and discuss its formal characteristics (use of color, value texture, composition and etc). Is the work related to your own experiences somehow? Or, does it give you insight to experiences that are completely foreign to you? Please explain discuss the content or meaning of the work. Does the form enhance or detract from this meaning? Is the work evocative or compelling? Why or why not?


Would you recommend this show to a friend? Why or why not?


Please feel free to add to this response with anything else that you would like to say.


Typed response due Wednesday, April 22nd


RESPONSE_Constructing Identity.docx

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.