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The purpose of this assignment is to provide the class with information about you and your interests and to give you practice writing in a coherent and compelling way. Write a biography that is one to three typed pages. Times New Roman font (or another font with serifs), double spaced, 12 point. Please PROOFREAD and use spell check! 

Consider: Your interests? What are the sources of your ideas and inspirations? Under what conditions do you learn the most?

Sample relating to artistic interests: 

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he/she grows up.”

“When I was about six years old, I drew a CHRISTMAS CARD with Santa Claus coming down the chimney with bags of toys. I was very proud of this card, and when I showed it to my mother, she photocopied it and sent it to relatives. 

In fact, if my parents hadn't been so supportive of my creativity, I doubt that I would have pursued my art beyond making cut outs and mud pies. I have worked hard to get to this point in my life. I've had to teach myself many things and have used instinct on the rest. All along the way, the gentle critiquing and positive reinforcement my parents offered helped me gain confidence. 

I do not know why I have always drawn. As a child, I knew that it was something that set me apart from my friends. Even though being able to draw gave me certain prestige, it also scared away some of the kids, who were interested in sports or music. I kept drawing, though, constantly trying to make things look  more realistic. 

As I entered middle school, I was labelled as the weird artist type. I hated middle school. High school was a big improvement. I found so many ways to express myself and got involved in everything from drama to soccer. Unfortunately, my happiness was short-lived when I realized that my school's art department was extremely weak. 

Instead of giving up, I looked elsewhere for guidance and experience. I took painting lessons with a local artist, learning a lot about colour in the process. I was also able to take a series of workshops at a junior college, studying ceramics and painting. 

As a result, I have many sources of inspiration. That, however doesn't make it easy for me to create things. On the contrary, I'm the kind of artist that has to get things just right or not at all. I always see the flaws in my work and want to start over. As a result, it is hard for me to finish things. I hope that this class will help me get past this perfectionism so that I can enjoy all aspects of the creative process.” 

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.