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Primary colors are the basic colors. All other colors are made from these colors. The primary colors we will be using are red, yellow and blue. 


Secondary colors are made by mixing two primary colors.


Intermediate colors are made by mixing one primary color with a secondary color.


Primary colors in pigment form are not pure. That is, each one contains traces of another primary.


It is important to know that:


Cadmium Yellow Pale is close to being a true yellow, although it does contain a little red. It mixes well into the oranges but dulls the greens. This is because red and green are complementary colors. They neutralize or dull one another when mixed.


Lemon Yellow mixes well into the greens. This is because it contains a trace of blue. Hansa Yellow and the Primary Yellow that we have available are both on the cool side with trace elements of blue; in other words, they are closer to Lemon Yellow. 


Ultramarine Blue, which contains red, mixes well into the violets.


Cobalt Blue leans slightly toward yellow.


Alizarin Crimson is slightly bluish bit close to being true red. As its blue content will dull orange mixes, it is best replaced by cadmium red to produce a pure orange-red.


Cadmium Red mixes well into the oranges. If it is mixed with either of the blues, the result will be a muddy violet. Pyrrol Red appears to be like a cross between Cadmium and Alizarin. 


Cadmium Orange is a very bright, true orange that cannot be mixed quite so vividly from any combination of yellow and red. We'll be using brilliant orange, which approximates cadmium, but is less expensive. 


Viridian Green is slightly bluish but is a very pure, transparent green. We are using Cadmium Green, which is also a very pure green. 


Cobalt Violet is a pure color. We will be using just Violet in its place. 




First complete the primaries, which cannot be mixed from the other colors. However, I suggest mixing the following primaries together: Alizarin Crimson and Cadmium Red; Cadmium Yellow and Lemon Yellow; Ultramarine Blue and Cobalt Blue. 


Next complete the secondaries using colors from the tubes. This will assure highly saturated secondary colors. The secondaries are Orange, Green and Violet. 


Finally, complete the intermediate colors by mixing one primary with a secondary for each. Select the appropriate primary colors for mixing the intermediates, which are Red/Violet, Blue/Violet, Blue/Green, Yellow/Green, Yellow/Orange, Red/Orange 

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.