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ASSIGNMENT 04: ART 141 (Fall 2014)

PERSONALITY OF LINES PROJECT-­‐ The Conceptual Notebook Problem


Author Deborah Randall, Adapted by Jan Piribeck for ART 141 



Identify 10-20 different characteristics of children in a gradeschool school class. If you were home schooled, think about characteristics of your childhood playmates. These should be either emotional or physical characteristics: nervous, timid, class pet, class bully, introverted, musician, troublemaker, daydreamer, gum chewer, smartest, funniest, tall, short, non-­‐conformist, loudmouth, silly and etc …  


NOTE: Childhood is a time when the senses are alive and impressions of the world and other people are magnified. Most people have strong memories of childhood, and reflecting back on this will provide potent material for incorporating into the designs. 


Using the basic visual elements of a standard notebook page, create four different designs conveying four of the characteristics you’ve identified. For example, if you were a timid notebook page, what would you look like?  Would all your lines be hiding on one side of the page? If you were a troublemaker, what would your lines be up to?


Use each design as an individual personality or use the notebook page to represent the class, and one line to represent the individual reacting to the rest of the class. In redesigning the notebook page, you can:alter the space between the lines; increase or decrease the thickness of the lines, or change the direction of the lines.


Be sure to modify the lines of your notebook pages rather than simply drawing images on top of them. Avoid using obvious symbols or pictures like hearts, peace sign, etc. Your design may stretch beyond the bounds of the page when it is appropriate to make your point. The only limitation is that you do not completely destroy the identity of the notebook page; leave some indication of the page's appearance, and use it in your design. Please write the personality of each design on the back of the page. 


Supplies Needed: 

Two sheets of 11” x 14” Bristol board, ruler, HB pencil, thin black felt-­‐tip pen, thick black felt-­‐tip pen, eraser, sketchbook paper


Measure and lightly draw on each side, two rectangles 5” x 7” on two sheets of 11” x

14” Bristol with an HB pencil as a base for your line drawings. (see example) Use your sketchbook paper to brainstorm, and work out your ideas visually. Practice your solutions before making them on your final sheet. Use black ink only on your final sheet. Erase any pencil marks.


Design Problem:

To create four expressive variations on a notebook page. 


Learning Outcomes: 

Explore creative solutions to the design problem; stretch the imagination within parameters; practice good craft and become familiar with the creative process 


Criteria for Evaluation: well crafted; fidelity to notebook page; inventiveness; communication; risk taking; visual impact; effective use of class time 

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.