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Monday, January 12th:


URL for Instructor’s site



SUPPLIES: Please pick up a drawing kit prepared especially for this class at the Art Mart, 517 Congress Street, Portland by Wednesday, January 21rst; the cost of the kit is $99. The instructor will e-mail you with the exact cost of the kit. No substitutions please.


Visit Home Page of Electronic Portfolio


Go over syllabus/schedule  


Assignment 01:


Assignments: Fill out Pre-Course Survey; print and bring to instructor; Assignment 01 (Due Wednesday)


Use time today to complete Pre-Course Survey and to begin work on drawing.

Check out computer lab downstairs.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.

Wednesday, January 14th:


Pre-course survey - Collect


Cost of Drawing Kits is $99. Pick up on Tuesday 01/20 or Wednesday morning 01/21. 


Ongoing Outside Assignment


Outside Reading Assignment from Natural Way to Draw 

Please read introduction and first chapter up to page 13 (contour drawing) by Wednesday, January 21rst


Slide Talk Perceptual Drawing


Discussion of outside assignment - Extreme Close up


Review the assignment. 


Place objects on floor or platform in front of wall; hang drawings on wall. 


Consider: format (the dimensions and the shape of your picture plane); surface quality of the paper you chose (rough, smooth); type of tool (what kind of pencil - soft, hard, sharp, dull); think of what the drawing would look like using a differen medium (pen, pencil, chalk, other); quality of marks (thin, thick, light, dark, rough, smooth); subject matter (what is being drawn); size/scale (larger than life, smaller than life, fit to page, small on page, extends off page); position or placement (centered, off center, diagonal, vertical, horizontal); texture (surface or visual/tactile quality of the object being drawn); value (range of lights/darks, mostly dark, most light, lights and darks). How much time did you spend on the drawing?


Blind Contour - Video


Assignment 02





DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.