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Standard 5: Professionalism and collaborationThe teacher demonstrates ethical and legal professional behavior within school and community and works collaboratively with colleagues, parents, and community members to improve conditions of learning for all students and adults.


  • Recognizes the teacher’s role as a moral steward and a model for students
  • Demonstrates knowledge of social issues, professional organizations, and advocacy activities that promote appropriate programs for students and families
  • Maintains a professional demeanor (e.g., arrives on time and is prepared for responsibilities, dresses appropriately)
  • Complies with school policies regarding health, safety, sexual harassment, and abuse issues
  • Adheres to a code of ethics that demonstrates an understanding of the laws that govern student rights and teacher responsibilities
  • Honors confidentiality
  • Readily listens to and communicates with parents
  • Consults with other school professionals concerning a student’s learning or health when appropriate
  • Collaborates and consults with an open mind with colleagues, specialists and support staff to ensure student learning 
  • Develops partnerships with parents and guardians in support of student’ learning and well-being.
  • Participates regularly in school and community events
  • Seeks resources in the community to enhance student learning
  • Participates as an active, contributing member to work teams and committees
Parent/Teacher Conferences
While student teaching at Sanford High School I had the opportunity to interact with parents and students for two days of parent/teacher conferences.  It was a helpful experience observing my mentor converse with parents regarding their children's work ethic and classroom behavior. 
Jameson School Elementary Art Show
After my Elementary Placement I  helped out with artshow prep by creating labels and preparing artwork to be hung.  The show as a blast and it was wonderful to see my students again.
Art Lab 2010/2012
I participated in two collaborative teaching art camps for children that took place on a series of saturday mornings.  In 2010, the elementary students in my art lab focused on making paintings to music in the style of Kandinsky. In 2012, the elementary students in my art lab focused on making a personal tile out of clay that depicted an animal that best represented their personalities.  I co-taught and designed each art lab with a classmate.
DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.