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Standard 2: Knowledge of subject matter and inquiry. The teacher understands the framework and standards of the subject matter she/he teaches. She/he uses the discipline’s tools of inquiry, central concepts, and internal structure, and makes interdisciplinary connections to promote learners’ inquiry.



  • Assesses learners’ prior knowledge and modifies instruction accordingly 
  • Demonstrates a mastery of accurate content knowledge across art forms required in USM’s BFA-AE program, visual culture, and art history 
  • Engages learners as investigators in activities that highlight key concepts in content area(s) 
  • Continues to learn subject matter in an ongoing way 
  • Creates own artwork during the student teaching year 
  • Models and encourages students’ application of the discipline’s tools of inquiry (creating artworks, researching art and art education, viewing artworks, critiquing artworks, etc.) 
  • Assesses learners’ prior knowledge and modifies instruction 
  • Presents content and concepts through multiple representations 
  • Draws on multiple resources to plan lessons and engage students in learning concepts 
  • Creates learning experiences that integrate knowledge of different disciplines with art



Mandala Lesson

I introduced the culture of Buddhism and Hinduism. I assessed the students previous knowledge of Mandalas and modified my instruction. Students created unique Mandalas and researced cultural examples in class for inspiriation. Students were encouraged to explore techniques demonstrated in class and to collaborate with students for creative ideas for the project. I drew from mulptible resources and engaged students in discussion of the subject matter in art and art history.


Personal Tile Lesson

We dove into symbolism and art history to start this lesson. I showed a powerpoint to highlight the key concepts of symbolism and emotion in art and art history. Students discussed ways of interpreting images both in 2-D artworks and 3-D artworks. I encouraged students to investigate themselves and find descriptive adjectives to bring to life in their personal tiles in a strictly abstract fashion. Students researched symbols to identify with and incorporate into their tiles. I showed the class finished examples of tiles and in progress examples.


BFA Senior Art Show

I participated in the Senior Art show. I created seven original paintings of angels. For the show I wrote an artist statement and researched history and folklore about angels in order to create my images. These paintings are completed in acrylic and one in oil. all of these were exhibited at the show.


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.
DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.