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Standard 1:  Diversity of child/adolescent development, learner needs, and equitable and culturally responsive practices.  The teacher demonstrates knowledge of the diverse ways in which students develop and learn by providing learning opportunities that support students’ intellectual, physical, emotional and social development.


  • Identifies individual, student and group differences (e.g. intellectual, cultural, social)
  • Gathers data from multiple sources on how students learn
  • Draws on students’ stages of development, learning styles, strengths and needs, to design instruction and inform educational programs
  • Draws on students’ experiences and family and community influences to design instruction and inform educational programs
  • Demonstrates understanding of and sensitivity to issues of diversity and equity during the design and assessment of instruction
  • Makes appropriate accommodations and modifications for individual students who have specific learning differences or needs
  • Uses appropriate services or resources to meet learners needs



Teaching Students with Exceptional Needs EDU 335

In this semester course, I learned  about many techniques to provide students with the accomodations that meet their specific needs. I observed in a classroom that had students with special needs and I conducted six interviews of high school teachers and special education workers about IEP meetings. 


Teaching Strategies for Students with ADD/ADHD

During my Students with Exceptional needs course I compiled a cornocopia of information about how to teach students with ADD/ADHD.  I refer back to this powerpoint presentation that I researched and created, to find strategies that I can implement in any given situation.  click on the title to view the powerpoint.


Hands on Teaching Students with Special needs

In my highschool and Elementary internships, I had the opportunity to work with specialists to troubleshoot student needs and teaching techniques.  I also served on a PLC 1st grade group to collaborate about teaching strategies in the classroom. 



DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.