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My name is DaraLyn McColl. I have worked as a graphic artist since graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Auburn University in 1995. I gained career experience as a graphic artist by working for printing companies, not-for-profits, small business owners, entrepreneurs, and large corporations. My admiration for fine arts has remained intact throughout my career.  I have utilized my fine art knowledge within my career because I believe that fine arts and Art History are the best foundations to create outstanding pieces. I thoroughly enjoy, respect and value creating art and I have always believed that art is deeply rooted within me, making me who I really am. Therefore, I enjoy painting, drawing, and I am always learning more about myself through the art processes.


I have always been able to draw but growing up through the 70s and 80s art was not offered in the town where I attended public school. Nor did I have much community art growing up.  When my family moved to southern Florida for my 8th-grade year I was able to take art and shop. Art and shop are the only two classes I really remember fondly of 8th grade. I also won an art exhibition with my first art print. My second opportunity to take art was when I attended college. Children today don’t know how fortunate they are to have music and art offered in school. I believe my educational history is a monumental reason why I will always advocate for art in the public school system. 



Although I have freelanced since 2002 it wasn’t nearly as satisfying as the day I stepped into a K-5th-grade art classroom as a substitute art teacher. Working with students from all backgrounds and taking the pressure off of them to be perfect for 40 minutes was extraordinary. Art and the process of art aren't perfect but it can be personal, therapeutic, communicative, creative, expressive, fun, explorative and subjective. I believe planning, exploring, and creating anything with one’s own hands gives one personal satisfaction and a feeling of confidence.


My Strengths Insight Report



DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.