DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.
DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.

New Sketchbook Project results in 6th-grade student using sketchbooks for visual note taking in academic classes at the Gorham Middle School. 


Creative Activity for ELA 1 - GMS 6th-8th grade

Students are challenged to create an illustrated poster, comic or storyboard (movie) around their favorite part of their favorite book read to date. This is a great way for students to explore their artistic skills while celebrating books and reading as well as allow each other to share their favorite books in a different format than that of the standard book report. Students must be prepared to state why they chose their medium, format, imagery and explain their composition upon project completion.

ELA/Art Activity

Students are introduced to the challenge one week before activity to allow them time to choose their favorite part of their favorite book that they have read during SAIL ELA and be prepared to share with the others in the class. Artwork and/or writing should be very descriptive.


 Topic of Book can be one of the following:
Most appealing to the story
Most important to the story
Relates to self (student)


Students Choice to include:
Choice of Vivid imagery
Creative Writing
Utilizing both writing and drawing together.

Project Requirements to include:
One Period to work and complete project
The page size is no larger than 11x17 and no smaller than 8.5 x 11.
Classroom Presentation upon completion (same day)
B&W or Color


Students have the option to “Extend” beyond and do more on this project. Utilizing their own imagination to dive into deeper using color, composition, text as artwork, comparing and contrasting their lives with those characters in the book in an artistic manner. This option is left to the student’s talent and skills of thinking outside the box of project requirements and materials.

Supplies Needed for project

Variety of paper (11x17, 11x14 & 8.5 x 11). Pencils, Color Pencils, Water Colors, Crayons, Markers, Acrylic, Paints, Sharpies, Rulers, Scissors, Pastels, 
Construction Paper, Newspaper, 6H pencils, tape and glue.


Creative Activity for ELA 2
8th Grade Excursion Reflections Project

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak


What do you want to remember?

What have you learned?



  1. Describe at least one connection between this book and your own life.
  2. How did these connections help you to focus on and understand the events in the book?
  3. Choose a visual/performing format to show your reflections
  4. Choose a verbal/written format to show your reflection.


8th Grade Student chose the Book Burning. She cut out an encyclopedia and used the pages for the flame, and smaller books. She tea stained the pages and paint for fire. 

8th Grade Student created the Mansion out of cardboard and used encyclopedia pages to cover the cardboard. She created Leisel with clay and used acrylic paint. She also tea stained the pages. 




DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.