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Creative, Artistic, Tech Savvy is a few of the traits that make me the top contender for the Visual Art Teacher position.


Having a three years’ diverse experience in teaching multiple processes to create artwork within multiple grades throughout the district and community, I’ve developed a great expertise in maintaining a productive classroom environment. My successes within the classroom are because I choose to build relationships with each student as well as encourage them to strive for their personal best around their interests. Art is a form of communication and allows me to get to know my students better. Another way I can do that is by offering students that have a passion for art more art enrichment opportunities during the school day, before and after school when possible. 

My involvement within the district has been learning the process of the Proficiency-Based Learning, creating new programs, rubrics and assessments so that each student achieves their learning objectives within the proficiency-based learning environment resulting in each student not only meeting the standards but often exceeding them in art and academics. 


My job-specific skills include; planning, preparing and conducting art lessons, celebrations of learning, and assignments as well as making assessments, counseling students for academic problems and special needs. Moreover, I welcome collaboration with my colleagues. My collaboration opportunities have been through sitting on new program committees, attending staff meetings, communicating updates on student performance, attending professional development opportunities as well as offering resources and support. 


My love for art has enabled me to explore several mediums of art and craft including all types of water-based paintings, sculpturing, crafting with recyclable materials, sketching, building an problem-solving with minimal supplies, creating digital art, visual communications, designing websites, social media, and advertising. My experience and love for learning have given me an extensive knowledge of creating and teaching art through the methods and processes of fine art, inspired by art history, and engaging the use of today’s technology. 


I appreciate your consideration for the Visual Arts teaching position within your School District and I look forward to hearing from you.

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